Materials Guide

Materials Definitions:

#1 Copper 

Classified as clean, unpainted copper with a minimum diameter of 1/16th of an inch. In order to qualify as #1 Copper, the material must be free of all contaminants such as solder and paint. 

Bare Bright Copper

Having the highest scrap copper price of all the grades, Bare Bright can be described as brand new wire stripped of it’s outer-casing. It must be new, clean and write with absolutely no contamination allowed for the highest scrap price. 

#2 Copper 

Classified as a very similar grade of copper as #1, however it can contain a certain degree of paint and/or solder. 

Clean Aluminum 

Non-flat aluminum pieces used in structural applications.  Typically “C” and “L” shapes. Clean state of aluminum extrusions is achieved by containing no traces of steel screws, nuts, bolts, etc. or any other non-conforming attachments. In addition, there may not be excessive lives of paint or caulk in order to qualify as clean. 

Radiators (Copper & Brass)

Radiators removed from an older model automobile, containing copper & brass inside it. Accepted in either dirty or clean states, a clean radiator is one which has had the plastic ends on both sides of the radiator removed. A higher scrap value is given to those radiators which are clean.

Materials we accept:

#1 and #2 copper 

Aluminium clip 

Aluminium rims

Aluminium siding 

Care bright copper

Clean copper

Dirty copper 

Copper sheeting 

Metal plumbing 


Electric motors 

Electrical parts

Electrical wiring 

Extruded aluminum 

Insulated wire

Iron-aluminum mix

Lead-acid batteries 

Painted aluminum 


Yellow brass (Honey)





Cast iron 

Brums and rotors

Electric motors

Farm equipment 

Heavy steel 

Hot water heaters

Industrial metals



Light steel 

Long steel

Machine cast 

Metal buildings

Metal cabinets

Metal fencing

Metal lawn furniture

Metal roofing 

Mixed steel 

Motor block




Sheet iron 




Washing machines

Whole cars

Materials NOT accepted:


Beer Kegs


Liquids or fluids of any kind 

Hazardous waste or chemicals

Radioactive materials

Flammable materials (no ammunition or explosives)

Closed containers (such as fuel/gas tanks, enclosed drums or tanks with no 2x2 hole

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